Pennsylvania to Award Medical Marijuana Grower-Processor Permits Today


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The Pennsylvania Department of Health is about to award medical marijuana business permits, and it has had an array of interestingly named applications to choose from.

They include Organic Farmacy Management, Mary Jane’s Closet, Pure Releaf, Herbalishous Corp., Hippocratic Growth and Good Times.

There are also plenty that sound a bit more straightlaced, like Bucks Research and Growth Group, AgroPharm, PA Health and Wellness and Compassionate Healthcare Partners.

And then there’s one that appears to be in its own category: Classic Nails & Spa.

The department said Monday that it would announce winners of the grower-processor permits on Tuesday. It did not say when it would award the dispensary permits, but confirmed numerous times recently that it planned to do so by the end of June.

The department released the full list of applicants at the end of last week, about a month and a half after the partial list.

It shows only the proposed business names under which applicants filed and the region in which they applied.

More than 500 applicants paid nonrefundable fees of $5,000 or $10,000 in hopes of snagging one of 27 dispensary or 12 grower-processor permits.

One dispensary permit has been allotted for Lancaster County, and two grower-processor permits will be awarded in the eight-county region.

The permitting process is expected to attract legal scrutiny here, as it has in other states.

The Pew Charitable Trusts says states legalizing medical marijuana have faced lawsuits for permits awarded under lottery systems as well as those distributed under a merit-based system.

Pennsylvania said it is using a 1,000-point scale to assess applicants, with categories like diversity plan and community impact worth 100 points each and other categories like operational timetable, capital requirements and security and surveillance worth less.

The final tally for the region comes to 65 dispensary applicants, up from 61 initially, and 46 grower-processor applications, up from 31 initially.

One of the grower-processor applicants, Leola Group M3C Agriculture, wants to locate in Lancaster County, and LNP has previously reported that its plans center in Eagle Industrial Park in Upper Leacock Township.

By LNP’s count, a handful of applicants on the initial lists were not included in the final lists.

Spokeswoman April Hutcheson said that could have represented misspellings or similar issues in the original list that were cleaned up for the final one.

She did not definitively answer LNP’s question on whether some applicants had removed themselves from consideration or been eliminated.



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