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Sara Gullickson

The Leading Lady of Cannabis.

Visionary. Entrepreneur. Innovator. Advocate.

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Simplifying Green Business

Sara Gullickson is an internationally recognized cannabis expert who has been actively involved in the industry since its inception. A visionary entrepreneur with a passion for health and wellness, she established in 2010, offering seed to sale services with hands-on support to cannabis entrepreneurs. Sara has successfully secured multiple licenses for clients in 10 State processes… Read More

The best way to predict the future is to invent it.

— Alan Kay

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From her years of experience, Sara has crafted strategic services to best benefit cannabis business owners and investors. From business plan templates to custom consulting packages, Sara has the expertise to help your cannabis venture bloom.

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Whether it’s speaking at an event, working with the media, or providing custom consulting, Sara is available to provide her unique expertise and experience.


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